Yearling National Champions

What do the 2018 United States National Champion Yearlings have in common?

Though the overall success of the US Nationals was fantastic, we are very proud of the the connection between the 4 United States National Champion Yearlings. All were either presented or marketed by Arabians International. Congratulations to the breeders, owners and trainers who shared this experience with us!

Aphrodite ENB - National Champion Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes Yearling Filly

Owned by Psynergy Enterprises Development, LLC | Bred by Psynergy Ent Dev, LLC | Presented by Sandro Pinha

Al Malikk - National Champion Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes Yearling Colt

Owned by Black Horse Int’l | Bred by Nelson Moreira | Presented by Rodolfo Guzzo

Giana Leah PCF - National Champion Arabian Yearling Filly

Owned by Murray & Shirley Popplewell | Bred by PCF Arabians | Presented by Bruno Guiraldelli

Antares RCF - National Champion Arabian Yearling Colt

Owned and bred by Jack & Elizabeth Milam | Presented by Sandro Pinha

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Unknowingly linked through their mutual love of the Arabian horse, their paths converged while they were paying their dues during their early years in a new land. Eventually, they decided to weave their considerable individual experience, talents, and ambitions together in founding an all-encompassing equine enterprise upon the desert sands of Scottsdale, the epicenter of the American Arabian horse industry. So, in 2010; Sandro Pinha, a native Brazilian; and Gil Valdez, who was born in Mexico, cemented their bond when they christened their joint venture “Arabians International” in Arizona, USA.