A Tribute to Sandro Pinha and Gil Valdez

As published in the Arabian Horse Times | Written by Theresa Cardamone

The United States of America is a magnificent tapestry of a nation, where people from diverse regions of the world have come to seek better lives for themselves and their families. From all walks of life, immigrants have sought freedom, refuge, and opportunity here for hundreds of years. In fact, it is a common bond that all non-native Americans share. This is the story of two men—of completely different nationalities and back- grounds—who followed their individual dreams to America’s golden shores.

Unknowingly linked through their mutual love of the Arabian horse, their paths converged while they were paying their dues during their early years in a new land. Eventually, they decided to weave their considerable individual experience, talents, and ambitions together in founding an all-encompassing equine enterprise upon the desert sands of Scottsdale, the epicenter of the American Arabian horse industry. So, in 2010; Sandro Pinha, a native Brazilian; and Gil Valdez, who was born in Mexico, cemented their bond when they christened their joint venture “Arabians International” in Arizona, USA.

Only seven years later, Gil and Sandro are reaping the benefits of their global upbringing and inclusive mindset. Their goal of creating a new brand known throughout the Arabian world for its ability to provide a full complement of exceptional services has been met in a big way. Arabians International is a thriving enterprise that reflects the strength of its foundation. The co-founders are internationally respected not only as elite horsemen, but also as tender caretakers of their equine charges; not only as gifted and experienced showmen, but also as mentors to their many successful amateurs; not only

as knowledgeable marketers, but also as astute and responsible breeders; and always as friends and protectors of the Arabian horse. read more