Navan LRA

AJ Portofino | Callisto LRA


Bay Purebred Arabian

Sired by AJ Portofino and out of Armstrong's own Callisto LRA, this colt has all the classic excellence of his Ali Jamaal and Versace bloodline with the contemporary appeal that turns heads today. He hit the International ring at Scottdale with Sandro winning his two-year-old class with the highest score of all the junior colts. Then returned to the ring being crowned 2019 Scottsdale International Unanimous Champion Junior Colt. He will make a superb outcross for the Padron's Psyche bred horses and will be worth it to get in on him from the start. This is just his beginning.

2019 Scottsdale International Unanimous Champion Jr. Colt

2019 Region 7 Unanimous Champion 2-Year-Old Colt
2019 Canadian National Res-Champion 2-Year-Old Colt
2019 U.S. National Top Ten 2-Year-Old Colt

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Your success is written in the sands...

Unknowingly linked through their mutual love of the Arabian horse, their paths converged while they were paying their dues during their early years in a new land. Eventually, they decided to weave their considerable individual experience, talents, and ambitions together in founding an all-encompassing equine enterprise upon the desert sands of Scottsdale, the epicenter of the American Arabian horse industry. So, in 2010; Sandro Pinha, a native Brazilian; and Gil Valdez, who was born in Mexico, cemented their bond when they christened their joint venture “Arabians International” in Arizona, USA.


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